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Ways to Survive is now available in print. This little book of poems and paintings is intended to serve

as a meditative handbook that will offer its readers a meditation exercise each time they engage with it. Readers are invited to interact with this book, in stillness, taking their time patiently with each pairing, painting or poem.

All proceeds from sales of the printed version of Ways to Survive are being given to organizations

that Donna and Berna have chosen to support. In United States, the proceeds are being received by four strong and effective NGOs Donna is deeply involved with that support families and communities living

in deep poverty. In Istanbul, the proceeds are going to an NGO that supports families and children

who are displaced by the wars in the Middle East region.  

If you would like to share your feelings and thoughts about this initiative and the book contact either Donna ( or Berna (

If you wish to purchase a paperback edition of this book:


We encourage all new book orders to go through Small Projects Istanbul.


Small Projects Istanbul

Donation link:


Below are links to our US based nonprofit partners which we have been pleased to support:


ATD International Fourth World Movement



Friends of Matènwa



Project Hope Boston  



Learning Community



Book and Website Designer: 

Anı Ekin Özdemir

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